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Terms And Condition

  • Contest details forms part of this terms and conditions.
  • Entry is designed for all worldwide residents apart from employees (and their families) of Fastyl, their printers and agents, the suppliers of awards along with any other providers associated with the contest.
  • The entrant(s) must be from ages 18 or over.
  • Proof of identity and age may be requested.
  • Use of incorrect name or address can result in disqualification.
  • All entries are required to be made specifically by the man or women entering your competitors.
  • Entries made online with methods resulted in by a software, macro or possibly from the use of automated devices will likely be void.
  • Zero responsibility will be accepted pertaining to entries lost, delayed or corrupted, or perhaps due to personal computer error in transit.
  • The prizes stated, cannot be transferred to a different person, no cash or other means will be made available.
  • The winner(s) is(are) accountable for the expenses along with arrangements, that are not specifically mentioned within the promotional awards , like any needed travel document, passport or visa.
  • Awards are subjected to availability and also depend on the prize suppliers terms and conditions.
  • The organizer or promoter has the right to change or customize the terms of contest and also has the right to reject records from entries not aligned with the spirit of the contest.
  • If by any chance the prize is not available, the organizer or promoter has the right to present an alternative winning prize of equivalent or bigger value.
  • The winner(s) of contest agree(s) to the use of their name, photograph and disclosure regarding county of residence and will eventually co-operate with any other reasonable requests made by Fastyl, concerning any post-winning publicity.
  • Except any other case unless stated, the winner(s) will be drawn from all appropriate entries gained by the end date mentioned within the promotional material.
  • Reasonable initiatives will be taken to contact the winner(s). When the winner(s) can not be contacted, and/or unable to follow the mentioned terms and condition, the promoter has the right to offer the award to the next qualified entrant selected at random, or perhaps in the event that the contest is being judged, the Promoter has the right to provide the prize to the runner(s)-up chosen by the same judges.
  • The winner(s) will be intimated in writing about their win.
  • Inability to respond and/or provide an address for sending the award, or failure to meet the particular eligibility needs may result in forfeiture of award.
  • Exactly where applicable, decision of the judges is final based on the standards set within the promotion and no communication will be entertained corresponding to the decision taken.
  • Contest might be modified or may be withdrawn anytime.
  • The contest is held by Fastyl and is also the supplier of the winning award.
  • In lieu of any discrepancies pertaining to contest, the standard set and the terms and conditions mentioned within the promotion at the time of entry shall prevail.